Contribution to the European Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on Nanomedicine


Following a first-phase survey restricted to ETPN members and selected networks, this second-phase consultation survey is now addressing all nanomedicine stakeholders to validate the first results obtained and ongoing process of updating the 2009 ETPN Roadmaps Document towards a new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), in collaboration with the EuroNanoMed Member States.

This official document addresses a large audience, even beyond Europe, and will cover all possible areas of application of nanotechnology in healthcare.

Such an agenda is of outmost importance as it describes the vision of ETPN for the future development of nanomedicine and lists all research priorities that should be implemented by the European Commission, the Member States and their funding agencies.

Your participation and expertise is hence a unique opportunity to contribute to the future European policies and the 2017-2020 workprogramms, and to shape the future nanomedicine landscape.

Expected time to complete the survey: 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of technological inputs provided. We are aware that this questionnaire may take some time but it is for highly strategic inputs and a long-term vision.

Deadline for contribution is June 15th.[button size=”medium” align=”center” link=”” color=”blue”]Go to survey[/button]

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