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SAVE THE DATES! Two events both taking place in Lund in October which may be of interest to you as a member

Nanoforum: Connect


  • Date: Mon, 2014-10-13 – Tue, 2014-10-14
  • Location: Lund
  • Country: Sweden

SwedNanoTech wishes to extend a warm welcome to NanoForum: Connect, a match making-conference to catalyze the connections of minds and ideas of different stakeholders. Come and present, discuss and develop competence in a multiple context. Meet the scientists and the technology companies and listen to their ideas and offers. Meet the companies in need of solutions – they might be looking for your expertise!

More information about the program and how to register to the event will be available in June. [button size=”medium” align=”right” link=”http://www.nanofutures.info/event/nanoforum-connect” color=”blue”]Go to website[/button] [divider_line]

Realizing Reformulation

– A symposium on surface and materials chemistry

  • Date: Wed, 2014-10-22 – Fri, 2014-10-24
  • Location: Lund
  • Country: Sweden

Formulations are advanced mixtures of chemicals, designed to achieve or improve functional performance. Formulation science is highly interdisciplinary, encompassing surface and colloid science, material science, chemical engineering, biotechnology and so on. The challenges are ubiquitous in industry, where examples include formulating a pharmaceutical drug into a pill that dissolves in the right place and at the right speed in the body, formulating pulp to make efficient use of cellulose fibres in paper, formulating a paint that also has antimicrobial functions, or formulating a freezable low-fat mayonnaise. The challenges that one faces in these and other applications are often very closely related to fundamental problems in in surface- colloid- and material- chemistry.

2014 Symposium on surface and material chemistry is devoted to the broad topic Realizing Reformulation. The focus lies on generic aspects of formulations that are relevant to many different applications, and the scientific themes include:

• Concepts for reformulation
• Triggered transitions to control functionality
• Soft Matter Interfaces
• Formulation interactions with biosystems and biomoleculesE014635

The program include international and national leading experts from academia and industry together with young researcher from Swedish universities. The Akzo Nobel prize winners will also be presented.

Scientific contribution
Considerable time will be allocated to poster presentations and we invite such contributions from both academia and industry.

The meeting will take place at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

Early bird

SEK 500 discount for the first 40 participants

15 September 2014
Deadline for poster abstract submission

Go to website: http://www.asmcs.se/

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