Annual Meeting and Focus Seminar 2016. WELCOME!

Wednesday June 15 — 12:30 – 16:55

DTU Meeting Center, Building 101, Anker Engelunds Vej, Lyngby, CPH.
Meeting room no. 2.



12:30-13:30 Lunch • All

13:30-13:45 Welcome – Introduction • Ulf G Andersson. NanoMed North

13:45-14:15 Presentation I • Anja Boisen, Nanomedicine at DTU. Copenhagen, DTU

14:15-14:45 Presentation II • Robin Thiberg, Erik Lindberg, Malmö Innoscentia.  Sensors for gas detection in the food industry.

14:45-15:15 Presentation III • Daniel Aili, Linköping University. Tuning and probing membrane permeability using de novo designed polypeptides – Applications for controlled release and diagnostics.

15:15-15:30 Coffee/Tea, Fruit, K-kage • All

15:30-15:45 Annual Meeting • UGA and all. NanoMed North

15:45-16:15 Presentation IV • Sandra Garcia Gallego, Stockholm, KTH. Dendritic Drug Delivery Systems – Ultimate precision carriers for therapeutic applications.

16:15-16:45 Presentation V • Ivan Mijakovic, Göteborg, Chalmers. Graphene-based coating for antibacterial applications.

16:45-16:55 + Mingling with beer • All


How to reach DTU, click here

NMN meeting is at DTU Meeting Center and there is a large car parking lot in front of it.
When you enter DTU Meeting Center:
1)     To the right, there is a number of designated rooms for meetings. Go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, our room is called Møderum 2. There are only a few rooms there, It’s easy to find. The room is booked from 13:30 to 17:30.

2)    To the left, there is a reception desk. You can ask for directions if you’re lost.

Download a map showing DTU (PDF)


If you have a promising project in Nanomedicine, don’t miss out the opportunity to apply to the TAB – Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board until the 8th of May 2016!

The TAB provides you unique, free of charge access to high-level experts, who will advise and guide you to accelerate your project to the market. The TAB wants to help you to make the right strategic choices at the right time, reducing risks and maximizing the chances of success. Please check what current beneficiaries said about the TAB. TESTIMONIALS

Who can apply?

European companies, public and private research groups / individuals working on promising Nanomedicine projects at any stage of development.

Who are the high-level experts?
The TAB experts are coming from the pharma and healthcare industries, including biotech and nanotech entrepreneurs, and former top managers at large corporations. All the experts have a sound track record in translating promising concepts to market success.

What is the process?

Hard selection based on application files
Individual mentoring during live sessions (TAB-In Sessions)
Follow up of selected projects (follow up content depending on specific needs, and until the moment that chances of success exist)
What are the TAB-In Sessions?

The TAB-In Sessions are the entry point
for projects selected to benefit from the TAB. They provide beneficiaries the unique opportunity of benefiting from face-to-face meetings to get experts’ initial feedback and recommendations. The TAB-In Sessions should normally take place during relevant larger events or business conferences (e.g. ETPN Annual Event, CLINAM, Bio-Europe). The ongoing Second Call will provide selected projects with access to the TAB-In Sessions to be held on the 28th of June, in Basel (Switzerland). Basel will be The nanomedicine hotspot, hosting other two major events (CLINAM and the Swiss Nanoconvention 2016).

Apply here!

Further information about the TAB can be found at

TAB Press Release (211 KB), click here

Our mailing address is:

Nanomedicine Viterbo 2016 – Second announcement

Dear colleague,
we are pleased to inform you about the progress in the organization of the fourth International Conference on Nanomedicine, entitled “NANOMEDICINE Viterbo 2016,” which will take place in the University of Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy) from Wednesday, September 21st, to Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

The list of invited speakers is completed and we are really satisfied about their high scientific level and enthusiasm for attending the conference!

Invited speakers:
Prof. Luigi Ambrosio
Prof. Sophia G. Antimisiaris
Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz
Prof. Paola Luciani
Prof. Dusica Maysinger
Prof. Francesco Ricci
Prof. Ester Segal
Prof. Gert Storm
Prof. Vladimir P. Torchilin
Prof. Thomas J. Webster

Abstract submission and Registration are now open!
Young researchers, post-docs and students are especially encouraged to attend and submit an abstract, focused on the central topics in the field of Nanomedicine:

• Diagnosis
• Therapy
• Theranostics
• Drug delivery
• Tissue engineering

Early bird registration – Important dates!
• Abstract submission deadline: May 15, 2016
You will be notified if your contribution has been accepted by May 30, 2016

• Your registration must be completed within June 15, 2016

Grants will be available for young researchers and four prizes will be awarded to the best poster presentations. Please visit the conference website,, for detailed information.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Viterbo!
The Scientific Committee

loghi annuncioriprep

Surface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers
24-28 October 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal

Course Description

This five-day intensive course provides a comprehensive overview of the chemistry related to the behavior of surfactants and polymers in solution and at interfaces. All important aspects of surfactants and water soluble polymers, as well as combinations of the two, are covered during the course. Examples of topics are environmental and health aspects of surfactants, surfactant self-assembly, surfactant and polymer adsorption, mixed surfactant systems and surfactant-polymer systems in solution and at interfaces, polymers in solution, wetting, surface and interfacial tension, rheology, micro-emulsions, emulsions and foams, solid dispersions, colloidal stability, and the use of surfactants as templates for nanomaterials.

Surfactants and polymers are used in a wide range of application areas, including detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and coatings. The surface and colloid chemistry that is taught and discussed on the course is to a large extent generic and applicable to many of the aspects of formulation science and technology in these areas. Reference to practical uses of surfactants and water soluble polymers will be made in the lectures. There will also be scheduled time for group discussions.

The course is of interest to scientists, engineers and project managers working in the above-mentioned, or related, areas. The applicants are required to have general academic qualifications in chemistry, but no particular formal education in surface chemistry is required. All lectures and notes will be in English.
The book, Surface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers, is included in the course fee.

This course is being offered for the 25th consecutive time and it has been updated continuously. In previous years the course has attracted participants from almost every European country, as well as from the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, China and South Korea.


Download PDF to read more

Do not forget to submit your abstract to the VII Conference on AFM for Life Sciences and Nanomedicine. The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until the 12th FEBRUARY!

VII Conference on AFM for Life Sciences and Nanomedicine

• Porto • Portugal • 11–15 April 2016

Building up on the success of the previous editions, this year’s event will bring closer specialists from cell biology and medical science to materials science and physics, to discuss the latest technological advances and applications of AFM in the field of BIOIMAGING, MECHANOBIOLOGY, HEALTH AND DISEASE, and NANOMEDICINE.

The Conference will be hosted by i3S/INEB (Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde/Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica) at the Auditorium of Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett, during four days and preceded by an AFM Workshop.

Bruker Workshop & Training Day
, the AFM Workshop with hands-on training that will be held on 11th April 2016. This workshop will present the new advances in Atomic Force Microscopy for Life Sciences. For additional information and registration, click here:

More information and the programme can be found at AFM BioMed Conference


Welcome to a Workshop in Grenoble, 23th February 2016

Meet your future graphene collaborators at Graphene Connect – Biomedical Technologies. Listen to state-of-the-art research, industry representatives giving their view of graphene in biosensor and implant applications. Engage in group discussions and networking.

The afternoon of 23th February 2016 is devoted to biosensor applications, while the morning of 24th focus on implants.

The programme includes popular presentation (general overview) on state-of-the art research by the work package leaders presenting the plan for the coming years, industry perspectives by industry representatives and investors. Building on the presentations, there will be moderated group discussions with the possibility of representatives across industry sectors to interact with each other as well as with researchers. The aim is to strengthen collaboration throughout the value chain from researchers, to component, system producers and end-users.

Kostas Kostarelos, University of Manchester
Lubomir Gradinarsky, Astra Zeneca
Daniel Chew, Glaxo Smith Kline
Clemens Boucsein, Multichannel Systems
Guillaume Buc, Pixium Vision
Francois Berger, Clinatec

Graphene Connect is an enabling instrument of the Graphene Flagship to engage in a direct dialogue and envision new collaborations between European companies and academics working in applied research, innovation and development related to graphene and other 2D materials.

Graphene Connect industry series provides an excellent opportunity to get an overview on research activities within the Graphene Flagship, as well as industry demands.

european_commission_logo Graphene Flagship Founded by the European Union

Call for Abstracts • Due December 11

The 18th Annual Nanotech 2016 Conference will be held May 22-25, Gaylord Convention Center, Washington DC, USA. Abstract submission for technical talks and posters are due Dec. 11th. On behalf of our symposium organizers we warmly invite you to submit your research abstract and participate in this exciting international event.

For Abstract Submission link to your Symposium of Interest below. For Exhibit Info link here.

Join leading technology and solution providers at the largest expo built specifically for the global innovation community.

TechConnect World, co-located with the National SBIR Conference and the National Innovation Summit, delivers the world’s largest gathering of commercialization-focused innovators from Federal Agencies, Federal & Academic Labs, Corporate Tech Developers, and Start-up & SBIR Companies.

The joint events, delivers over 4,000 attendees from over
 70 countries supporting the development and commercialization of new innovations. As an exhibitor, you will access the corporate executives, researchers, engineers, federal funders and commercialization leadership that rely on your products and services to develop these new technologies.
Access over $20 Billion in Federal Programs, Facilities, Global 1000s & Start-Ups

Exhibit at the TechConnect World Expo and showcase your company’s products and services to the largest gathering of federal funding agencies, research laboratories, corporate technology developers and start-up companies world-wide.
For more information, including a detailed prospectus & floor plan, please contact Denise Lee at (email) or +1 203.421.6347.

1st announcement an call for papers!

Download PDF
CLINAM 9 / 2016 Conference and Exhibition
European & Global Summit for Cutting-Edge Medicine
June 26 – 29, 2016 • Basel, Switzerland

The Conference at a Glance

In the previous eight years, the CLINAM Summit grew to the largest in its field with 12 presenting Noble Laureates and more than 500 participants from academia, industry, regulatory authorities and policy from over 40 different countries in Europe and worldwide. With this success and broad support by well beyond 20 renowned collaborating initiatives, the CLINAM-Summit is today one of the most important marketplaces for scientific exchange and discussions of regulatory, political and ethical aspects in this field of cutting edge medicine.

In particular, the CLINAM Summit emerged as exquisite forum for translation from bench to bedside, for European and international networking, and for industrial collaboration between companies, with academia, and point-of-contact with customers. The summit is presently the only place to meet the regulatory authorities from all continents to debate the needs of all stakeholders in the field with the legislators.

CLINAM 9/2016 continues with its successful tradition to cover the manifold interdisciplinary fields of Clinical and Targeted Nanomedicine in major and neglected diseases. As special focus area, CLINAM 09/2016 adds translation and enabling technologies, including, for example, cutting-edge molecular profiling, nano-scale analytics, single cell analysis, stem cell technologies, tissue engineering, in and ex vivo systems as well as in vitro substitute systems for efficacy and toxicity testing.

CLINAM 09/2016 covers the entire interdisciplinary spectrum of Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine from new materials with potential medical applications and enabling technologies over diagnostic and therapeutic translation to clinical applications in infectious, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as diabetes, cancer and regenerative medicine to societal implications, strategical issues, and regulatory affairs. The conference is sub-divided into four different tracks running in parallel and provides ample possibilities for exhibitors as indicated by steadily increasing requests:

The Tracks and Topics of the Conference

TRACK 1: Clinical and Targeted Nanomedicine – Basic Research • Disease Mechanisms and Personalized Medicine • Regenerative Medicine • Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostic Approaches • Active and Passive Targeting • Targeted Delivery (antibodies, affibodies, aptamers, nano drug delivery devices) • Accurin Technology •Nano-Toxicology

TRACK 2: Clinical and Targeted Nanomedicine: Translation • Unsolved Medical Problems• Personalized Medicine and Theranostic Approaches • Regenerative Medicine • Advanced Breaking and Ongoing Clinical Trials • Applied Nanomedical Diagnostics and Therapeutics

TRACK 3: Enabling Technologies• Nanomaterial Analytics and Testing • Molecular Profiling for Research and Efficacy/Toxicology Testing (Genomics, Proteomics, Glycomics, Lipidomics, Metabolomics) • Functional Testing Assays and Platforms• Single Cell Analyses • Cell Tracking • Stem Cell Biology and Engineering Technologies • Microfluidics • Tissue Engineering – Tissues-on-a-Chip – Bioprinting •In vivo Testing •Novel Imaging Approaches • Medical Devices Track 4: Regulatory, Societal Affairs and Networking • Regulatory Issues in Nanomedicine • Strategy and Policy • The Patients` Perspective • Ethical Issues in Nanomedicine • University Village • Cutting-Edge EU-Project Presentations • Networking for International Consortium Formation

BioNanoMed 2016, call for papers

7th International Congress BioNanoMed 2016 – Nanotechnology enables Personalized  Medicine which will be held on 6 – 8 April 2016 at the Danube University in Krems / Austria.

In addition to prominent invited speakers a limited number of talks and poster presentations can be accepted. You are cordially invited to submit your abstract!



• Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
• Regenerative Nanomedicine – Nanotechnology and Stem Cells
•  Nanotechnology for Detection, Diagnosis, Imaging & Sensing
• NanoPharmaceuticals & Drug Design
• Nano Oncology: Drug Delivery & Therapeutics

Thematic Sessions

I –  3D-Technologies for Nanomedicine
II – Nanomaterials Toxicology & NanoSafety Aspects
(co-organized by EURO-NanoTox

Danube University Poster Awards 2015 are granted to the three best poster contributions (€ 400 for the first, € 300 for the second and € 200 for the third place)

BioNanoMed 2016 serves as an excellent platform to present your company/institution, to promote your product portfolio and to establish direct links to a broad audience of experts. By becoming an exhibitor or sponsor you will make a great contribution to support the BioNanoMed 2016 congress.

Deadline for oral abstracts: 8 January 2016
Deadline for poster abstracts: 11 March 2016
End of early registration: 8 February 2016
End of online registration: 1 April 2016

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact our conference office at <> .

We are looking forward to your contribution!

Kind regards,
BioNanoMed 2016 Organizing Team

Dear colleagues, welcome to ENM2015 Meeting in Grenoble!

Ban_ENM_V2-reduitThe French Society for Nanomedicine, together with the british society for nanomedicine, the dutsch society for nanomedicine, the german nanomedicine platform, and the European Nanomedicine platform organise the Nanomed Europe meeting this year in France, december 7-9th.

The themes are surely of great interests for you:
• Nanomedicine and cancer
• Nanomedicines for imaging, as devices or for regenerative medicine
What nanomedicine can do for macromolecules delivery and toxicity issues will be part of the sessions.

Great speakers have accepted to join the conference, they are both coming from academia and private companies and will attend roundtable discussions:
Arwyn Jones, Muthiah Manoharan (Alnylam), Charlie Gosse, Bruno Le Pioufle, Andrew Owen, Peter Wick, Hisataka Kobayashi (USA), Eric Vibert, Elias Fatal, François Berger, Marianne Ahsford (Astra Zeneca), Nicolas Grenier, Twan Lammers, Pierre-Yves Benhamou, Pierre Nassoy

For more detailed informations, please check our website, click here

Obviously, all conferences will be in english !
Do not hesitate to transfer the informations to students and colleagues who might be interested and send your abstract before september 30th!