1st International Conference on
Micro & Nanofluidics
Fundamentals and Applications
18-21 May 2014 University of Twente – The Netherlands

Welcome to Flow 14

Micro- and nanofluidics has considerably matured over the last 2 decades. This holds both for the fundamental understanding of the flow on a micro- and nanoscale and for the applications in industry. Various start-up companies have been founded and global players have realized the importance of the field. Applications can be found in the chip-industry, medical diagnostics, drug development and delivery, ink-jet printing, … Interestingly enough, more fundamentally oriented and more application oriented scientists in this field have stayed rather separate, generally visiting different conferences. The aim of the present 3-day international Flow14 conference is to overcome this separation and to bridge the gap between these two branches of micro- and nanofluidics.
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