Three short questions to Lennart Gisselsson, coordinator of the collaboration initiative “NanoSafe4All”

What is the aim of NanoSafe4All?
The aim of this initiative is to create new collaboration areas between stakeholders related to nanotechnology, nanosaftey, nanoregulation and nanopolicy and then actively encourage applications for new projects and fundings. We also host seminaries, hold study visits, and expand networking as tools for the platform to evolve. The NanoSafe4All is founded by Lund University.

How can NanoSafe4All be useful for researchers and companies within the nanomedicine field?
Within this initiative, we have a vast network of researchers, companies, governmental organisations, interest organisations etc. If someone need support with, for example, policies regarding nanomedicine regulation then they can contact us, and we will try to connect them with the right resources.

How are the plans for a ScandinavianNanosafetyCentre going?
We have been working on and off for some time now with the idea of a ScandinavianNanosafetyCentre that would be a “one stop shop” for matters regarding nanotech and nanomaterials. The intension is to offer a series of standardized biophysical analysis, work environment assessments, support of waste of material handling as well as legal and policy advice. The last version of that initiative, planned to be hosted by RISE, unfortunately failed to get full financial support last year. However, the idea lives on and via the NanoSafe4All network we are able to do many of the things that the centre was supposed to do, for example linking the right connections and finding the partners that can perform specific tests.

If you have any questions about NanoSafe4All or would like to participate in events organised by the initiative, please contact the administration group:
Lennart Gisselsson
Mikael Ekvall
Camilla Nothhaft

Lennarst Gisselsson, coordinator of the collaboration initiative “NanoSafe4All”