Welcome to NanoForum: Connect 2014

Welcome to Lund, Sweden, for two full days of nanotechnology updates and match making

On October 13–14 the conference NanoForum: Connect takes place in Lund, Sweden. The conference is a fusion of two events: the open annual meeting of the Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University and a matchmaking day initiated by the Swedish network SwedNanoTech.

[framed_box bgColor=”#E4E4E4″ textColor=”#008F7E” rounded=”true” align=”center”]Registration Jun 1 – Sep 26, 2014
Meeting Selection Sep 1 – Sep 26, 2014
Event Oct 13 – Oct 14, 2014[/framed_box]

The conference programme spans all the way from tutorial introductions to cutting-edge research conducted at Lund University and hands-on industry applications during the first day, to presentations from the innovation and entrepreneur perspective interspersed with matchmaking sessions the second day.

You can choose to participate in either of the days – or both, all depending on what you find most relevant for you.


Day 1 – Lund nanotechnology from science to the market
On October 13th, the Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University holds its annual meeting. In a push-pull format, the program will highlight the opportunities offered by Lund nanoscience and nanotechnology for novel applications, together with industry needs as presented by representatives from Swedish and international high-tech companies.

The day is open to all interested participants, and will offer ample opportunity to mingle with members of the Consortium, students, representatives from industry and public bodies, and business owners. The day will conclude with a poster session on current projects within the consortium and a joint dinner.

Day 2 – Matchmaking sessions and innovations
On October 14th, the Swedish network SwedNanoTech organize a series of matchmaking sessions for scientists, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. Take the opportunity to specify your needs and offers in your event profile to give you the best possible conditions for relevant and fruitful meetings.

In addition to the meeting sessions there will be a number of invited speakers giving you both Swedish and international angles on innovation and entrepreneurship of nanotechnology business.

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