ENATRANS, enabling nanomedicine translation

Do you have an ambitious nanobiomedicine project? Apply and benefit from high level experts support!

Skärmavbild 2015-08-03 kl. 11.19.07ENATRANS launches the first Translation Advisory Board (TAB), a new instrument to provide free of charge advice and support to ambitious international nanomedicine projects.

The call is open to companies, academics and private researchers in Europe promoting nanomedicine projects. First-in-class recognized experts from industry will deliver concrete and invaluable advice to drive selected nanomedicine projects into innovative products for healthcare. Among those ambitious projects, the most promising will benefit from further high value services such as in-depth advice, showcase and coaching…  (Download the Flyer)

The applicants must have very promising nanomedicine projects, targeting unmet medical need for patients.

Applications received till September 14, 2015 may be eligible for the first TAB-in session, which will gather selected projects in a first phase of the service to be organised in Dublin, October 14, 2015.

Who are the experts?

Paul Smit – former senior position at Philips Healthcare, Mike Eaton – former senior positions at Celltech & UCB, David Bott – former senior position at BP, Ruediger Iden – former senior position at BASF, Eckhard Schwenner – former position at Bayer, Eric Mayes – CEO at Endomag, Laurent Levy – CEO at Nanobiotix

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