Pilot plant for testing of nanopharmaceuticals

Dear Member,

Spinverse is working on an EU funded project called Nanopilot, which is coordinated by Cidetec in Spain. The aim of the project is to set up a pilot plant for the cost-efficient production of polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals in small GMP batches, used e.g. for early clinical trials (download PDF HERE).

During the project, siRNA-based nanopharmaceuticals, HIV nanovaccine and hyaluronan-based spheres for drug delivery will be produced at the pilot plant. At the end of the project (around 2017-2018) the aim is to expand the pilot plant offering also to other users and other kinds of (polymeric) nanopharmaceuticals. Spinverse role in the project is to gather information and to develop the services and assess the business potential of the project, and therefore we need to reach out to potential collaborators in order to hear their needs and opinions.

More about us: Spinverse is a Finnish consultant company within open innovation. The company has been founded 2004 and today it employs 50 people. We help companies and universities to apply for public funding, to find the right partners, and to coordinate the projects.