The 7th Vancouver Nanomedicine Day is now only a week away

It will take place on Thursday, September 16, 2021 and will be an online event like last year.

Please check out the full program at
While the Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2021 is free – thanks to our sponsors – registration is required at the above website.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Copenhagen Nanomedicine Day this year. However, we’d like to invite you to spend an evening together with your nanomedicine colleagues at the Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2021 in Vancouver, Canada. The talks will start at 17:00 Copenhagen time, and end at 23:00. It would be wonderful to have you join us. Read on for more details!

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Drew Weissman from the University of Pennsylvania, a physician-scientist best known for his contributions to RNA biology, which directly enabled the development of the covid-19 mRNA vaccines. Other contributions from international scientists include Dr. David Brayden from the University College Dublin who will update us on “Nanomedicines for oral peptide delivery”, and Dr. Anna Rosell from the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute in Barcelona who will tell us about “Magnetic nanocarriers targeting brain delivery after stroke”.
Please check out the detailed program that includes another 10 outstanding talks. They will cover not only different radioactive nanomedicines, but also nanomedicine delivery for the treatment of infections, HIV, SARS-Cov-2 and cancer. Polymeric nanoparticles, aptamers, and of course lipid nanoparticles are discussed that aim to target the brain, genetic diseases and atherosclerosis.
We are looking forward to spending a few hours with you during this year’s Vancouver Nanomedicine Day.
Dr. Urs Hafeli
Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of British Columbia
PS: Please don’t hesitate to forward this email to your colleagues who might be interested in nanomedicines. Everybody is welcome!