EXCITING FOCUS SEMINAR and Annual meeting no 10


NanoMed North Annual meeting no 10
DATE: Wednesday 1th of June 2022, 16.00
PLACE: Malmö universitet Per Albin Hanssons väg 35, Malmö

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– Annual Meeting, Focus Seminar and Dinner
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Ulf G Andersson
Chairman NanoMed North

16.00-16.55 Focus Seminar:
What’s going on at Malmö University at the nano-level? 

Prof. Johan Engblom: “Bicontinuous cubic liquid crystals as potential matrices for noninvasive topical sampling of low molecular weight biomarkers”

Prof. Börje Sellergren: “Artificial receptors as tools in future sustainable healthcare”

Prof. Sergey Shleev: “Hybrid electric power sources for biomedical applications”.

17.00-17.25 AGENDA Annual meeting
§ 1 Opening of the meeting
§ 2 Short update of NMN
§ 3 Election of Board Members

• Kristian Thulin, Obducat Technologies, re-election (for two years)

• Tomas Rindzevicius, Danish Technical University, re-election (for two years)

• Åsa Sjöholm Timén, Astra Zeneca. re-election (for two years) and

• Ulf G Andersson, Medeon Science Park & Incubator, re-election (for two years)

§ 4 Other matters (if pre-announced by any members)

§ 5 Closing of the meeting

17.30 Dinner – Aplate, Medeon Science Park