(ETPN) Annual Meeting, San Sebastian, Spain, October 15-16

Here are some highlights and comments from the meeting reported by Ulf G Andersson, chairman of NanoMed North:

Nanomedicine – a highly diverse and unified field

A range of qualified speakers from all over Europe brought up various important aspects of nanomedicine
Once again, it became very clear that nanomedicine is an extremely technology diverse area. But the stakeholders in the nanomedicine field are united by many common challenges such as a number of clinical unmet needs, regulatory aspects, registration procedures, complex reimbursement systems and ultimately the fact that these products and technologies are to be used in humans.

Dr Magnus Larsson, SP - Technical Research Institute,NMN member at the ETPN Meeting

Dr Magnus Larsson, SP – Technical Research Institute and NMN member at the ETPN Meeting

(For detailed programme of the speakers please click here)

Plans of a European nanomedical “meta-network”

Klaus-Michael Weltring from ETPN presented the major European national and sub-regional communities within nanomedicine. He suggested to build a European meta-network of the major initiatives. NanoMed North was explicitly mentioned as a very interesting initiative representing a model for the future with its content of activities, organisation and cross-border approach.

During a “Mirror-meeting” representatives from these European national and sub-regional communities met in order to outline a closer collaboration, very exciting!
We will keep you up to date with the development of the European nanomedicine meta-network.

Nanomedicine Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Three different ETPN working groups; Nano-Diagnostics and Imaging, Nano-Therapeutics and Nano for Regenerative Medicine, presented their latest work and conclusions. The presentations were followed by a very active round table discussion about the potential content of the planned submission of a “Nanomedicine Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda”.
Several industrial presentations completed the meeting and added further inspiration and knowledge to the 120 participants.

Ulf G Andersson, NanoMed North and Oliver Fontaine from ETPN

Ulf G Andersson, NanoMed North and Oliver Fontaine from ETPN

Take active part in ETPN!

I can honestly recommend NanoMed North members to take active part in ETPN. This is the main organisation in Europe formulating strategic and detailed proposals within nanomedicine for EU in general and specifically for Horizon 2020. The influence from ETPN is significant.

Ulf G Andersson, NanoMed North



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