Nanoliposomes as Drug Delivery Systems for Antifungal Therapy

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Nanoliposomes as Drug Delivery Systems for Antifungal Therapy

Shathar Alobeidat
Tamara Athamneh

Institute of Nanotechnology, Jordan University of Science and Technology


Nanoliposomes are lipid bilayer nanostructures recently gaining popularity as drug delivery vehicles. Their biocompatibility, safety, high entrapment efficiency and drug release profiles have made them suitable candidates for biomedical applications. The treatment of fungal infections is one of the most significantly researched fields in which nanoliposomes (NLPs) find a variety of uses. Although this topic has been referenced in several general reviews, it has never been thoroughly discussed. In ourreview, we give a detailed summary of the recent advancements made in this field, with a focus on encapsulated synthetic and natural antifungal agents for oral, parenteral, and transdermal applications, and the numerous advantages they have over conventional antifungal therapies, recent strategies at sitespecific targeting using targeting moieties, as well as highlighting the safety concerns associated with NLP nanocarriers.

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