Creating Trust in Nanotechnology: a Tetra Pak and NanoSafe4All webinar

1 februari 2023 13:00 till 15:00 | Föreläsning

Creating Trust in Nanotechnology: a Tetra Pak and NanoSafe4All webinar

Tetra Pak, and the Lund University collaboration initiative, NanoSafe4All, are inviting you to a webinar about trust, communication and collaboration for safe innovation in nanotechnology.

“Working with materials where risks are unknown requires trust, transparency and close collaboration. Together with NanoSafe4All, we want to expand our network of companies and researchers interested in developing sustainable nanotechnologies with safety in focus” says Lars Sickert, Product Life Cycle Management at Tetra Pak, and member of NanoSafe4All.

He continues: “The idea is that this network can work in close collaboration with a future Scandinavian Nanosafety Center initiative, which will aim to provide relevant risk assessments, as well as initiating and supporting research in relevant nanosafety areas, including communication, together with Lund University and other academic institutions in the Nordic countries.”

As the use of nanomaterials is growing, so is the need for more knowledge on safety

The use of nanomaterials is growing rapidly, both through technique development and political initiatives. Yet, it is still difficult for many companies to get an overview of nanosafety risks over the entire product life cycle. Especially in products which does not contain engineered nanomaterials. While there is information, standards and guidelines, on how to handle potential safety issues relating to the production phase and work environment aspects of handling nanomaterials, there is much uncertainty around what happens when products enter the end-of life phase, and how the degradation of products containing nanomaterials can impact the natural environment. These knowledge gaps can pose challenges for companies who want to make use of nanotechnology today, and in the future.

During this webinar, we will discuss how to create trust in nanotechnology and what industry need to work with nanotechnology in a safe and sustainable way. We will also highlight what risk assessments are possible to do today, present the latest research on nanosafety, and discuss how all nanomaterial innovation (including risk handling) is closely related to communication, trust and transparency.


13.00 Tetra Pak and nanosafety: presentation of how we work with nanorisk assessments and communication, Lars Sickert, Product Life Cycle Management at Tetra Pak.

13.15 Public perceptions on nano, trust and communication: a research overview, Camilla Nothhaft, Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University.

13.30 Latest developments in nanosafety research (aerosols and operational health and safety, aquatic environments, life cycle perspective, and end of life), Tommy Cedervall, Associate Professor at Biochemistry and Structural Biology, and Mistra Nanosafety programme director, Lund University.

Virtual coffee break

13.45 What can we do today in terms of risk assessments? What gaps need to be addressed in the short and long term? Professor Ian Cotgreave, leader of the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Toxicology at RISE.

14.00 Nanotechnology and the legal frame with a focus on REACH legislation, Steffen Foss Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering, Danish Technical University.

14.15 Panel debate: how do you create trust in nanotechnology and work with nanosafety?

14.45 Open discussion: what does industry need to go forward, what services would you like to see, and how can a future Scandinavian Nanosafety Center support you the best?

15.00 End

The webinar is organised by Tetra Pak and NanoSafe4All, a collaboration initiative led by Lund University, in collaboration with the research programme Mistra Environmental Nanosafety.

Read more about the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety programme on its website 


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