Read the latest position paper of the ETPN about Nanomedicine

Read the latest position paper of the ETPN about Nanomedicine, published in the Journal of Controlled Release!

The ETPN is very proud and happy to share with you today our latest publication in the Journal of Controlled Release : “Delivering the power of nanomedicine to patients today” (Germain, et al.).

This common position paper in open access is the best way to learn more about the real potential of Nanomedicine to concretely change the life of patients worldwide, how nanomedicine is improving therapeutic outcomes, the reality of its current translation to the clinic with some recent great successes in smarter drug delivery, and the action of the ETPN to create the best possible innovation-friendly ecosystem in Europe to mobilize the full community of Nanomedicine, in order to address better and faster complex pharmacological and medical challenges to tackle.

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• Nanomedicine unquestionably makes a difference for patients.

• Innovative nanomedicines open perspectives to make a difference outside oncology.

• High need for a harmonized international regulatory framework for nanomedicines

• Nanomedicine is a cross-sectorial and cross-technological solution for healthcare.

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